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India Poort


Traditional & innovative dishes

In addition to a wide variety of traditional curry and tandoori dishes on the menu, our chef also enriches the menu with innovative dishes for a spectacular culinary journey. Thus, discover your new favorite dishes while stepping out of your comfort zone. From sweet to spicy. Meat, fish, vegan and vegetarian. Shared dining or your own dish that no one is allowed to touch. All prepared in a traditional Tandoor oven and beautifully presented and excellently advised by us.


Quality wines & exclusive drinks

exceptional traditional and modern dishes also include a special wine list with quality wines and exclusive drinks.

An impressive selection of carefully chosen wines from renowned wineries. From a beautiful ruby red blend of Sangiovese, Montepulciano and Cabernet Sauvignon from Guerrieri of Italy to an elegant Sauvignon Blanc from the French Loire from Michel Redde where they hand harvest the sauvignon blanc grapes for this fresh dry, complex Pouilly-Fumé. We will help you make the right choice with the right dish.

In addition to the wonderful wines, we also have an exclusive drink menu. From a Kingfisher beer to a Hibiki Japanese Harmony whiskey. Everything for the perfect evening.

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There's more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in all the books (Louis Pasteur)